The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals must be implemented in Indian universities

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 epidemic, JGU is fully committed to and implementing SDGs on its campus.

On the occasion of United Nations Day 2021, JGU unveiled the first of its kind to implement the Sustainable Development Goals: the role of universities and civil society in protecting the environment, mapping its compliance with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Determined by the United Nations.

The report was launched in the presence of Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister of Education, Ashwini Kumar Chaubey, Union Minister of State for Environment, Prof. Pankaj Mittal, Secretary General of Indian Universities Association, Atul Bagai, Head of United Nations Environment Program at Country Office and Sudhir. Mixed, founding and managing partner, trust legal, lawyer and consultant.

The UN SDGs include sustainable energy, the fight against climate change, hunger eradication, education, health and gender equality. In order to demonstrate its commitment to the implementation of the SDGs, JGU has undertaken an independent assessment of its campus and initiatives to obtain a transparent and fair view of the progress of the University in compliance with the UN SDGs. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), Trust Legal, Advocates & Consultants and Mazars Business Advisors Pvt. Including a team of 12 assessors from the environmental and legal fields. Ltd., Trust Legal, Advocates and Consultants have rigorously evaluated the University’s processes, ranging from energy costs to water management systems and community involvement initiatives.

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