The University of Science has adopted the MERU model

Multidisciplinary Education and Research University (MERU) is a proposed model for promoting holistic and multidisciplinary education.

Vidyashilpa Shiksha Group today announced the launch of Vidyashilpa University, established under Karnataka Act No. 20 of 2021, in the presence of Hon’ble Governor Thavarchand Gehlot of Karnataka Government, Minister for Higher Education, IT and BT, Science Ashwat Narayan SN. And Technology, Skills Development, Government of Karnataka, b. Thimeme Gowda, Karnataka State Council Vice-Chairman of Higher Education, P. Dayananda Pai, Chancellor, University of Vidyashilpa, Kiran Pai, Pro-Chancellor, University of Vidyashilpa and Vijayan Emanuel, Vice-Chancellor, University of Vidyashilpa.

Built on the backbone of the university NEP 2020, its contemporary, new-age curriculum is designed to fully utilize emerging disciplines. Multidisciplinary Education and Research University (MERU) is a proposed model that will promote holistic and multidisciplinary education. They will adopt this model through a multi-disciplinary course focusing on building in-depth domain knowledge in a specific disciplinary context to prepare students for future problem solving. They have already established academic research centers, to foster a culture of interdisciplinary research and innovation among faculty members and students.

They plan to launch courses in legal studies and governance, education, leadership and fine arts that focus on interdepartmental programs to address the challenges of transformation and expansion in the respective industries. The program will give students a dual skill-set that is highly sought after in the respective complementary fields.

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