The VIBGYOR school group will host the annual inter-school cultural festival

Registration is open for the 13th edition of Viva. School students of all ages across India can participate.

VIBGYOR Group of Schools, in their second virtual iteration, has started registering participants for the 13th edition of their annual inter-school cultural festival Viva. Students of all school ages across India can participate in this festival which will give them a chance to showcase their skills and engage in their favorite creative pursuits from the security and comfort of their home. All winners will receive cash prizes, trophies or e-certificates.

In addition to exciting competitions like Viva Nova, Voice of Viva, Swing n Swirl, Spell-o-Pedia, Symphony for the Soul, Wannabe Super Chef, Short Film Making and many more, the Viva 13 will feature glass painting, jewelry making, paper. A host of interesting workshops on various topics including quilling, photography, zumba, yoga, acting and cooking. A series of webinars will also cover topics such as AI, coding and gaming, Lego, aeronautics, entrepreneurship, effective communication, cyber bullying prevention, public speaking, financial planning for children and learning design.

All Viva 13 events are designed and facilitated by certified instructors, field experts and highly qualified faculty. The festival is also open to friends and parents of students. The last date for registration of participants is 1st November 2021.

Event details:

Name: Viva 13

Registration deadline: November 1, 2021

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