There is an urgent need to nurture career preparation among students

There is an urgent need to launch a program to nurture students’ skills to prepare for career advancement and create long-term career opportunities.

With a changed paradigm in these difficult times, the ecosystem of education is in flux. A hybrid of personal and distance learning is a new reality facing educators, which proves to be a huge challenge as well as a unique opportunity. In today’s context, there are multiple benefits to identifying and implementing career paths for young students, including increasing individual morale, career satisfaction and productivity, creating a future-ready and capable workforce to meet life’s challenges in a positive way.

Skilled communicators are always in demand because they can empathize with others and synthesize that combined knowledge. They are in a better position to make informed decisions and respond appropriately to any new developments in their career progression.

Careers play an important role in our lives today, and any decision regarding career planning must be taken with utmost care. With so many courses, certifications, colleges and job opportunities available, choosing the right career path can be a daunting process for students. A well-thought-out career choice will not only bring effective job opportunities but also allow a student to lead a satisfying and dignified lifestyle. Also, when a person is able to follow the path of their desired career, it helps them to be better informed, confident and dedicated in their chosen profession. Therefore, the importance of career guidance and proper counseling cannot be underestimated. India is a developing country and its strength lies in the minds of our youth. Understanding the importance of career guidance in making informed decisions about career advancement enables students to maximize their inherent potential. Thus career counselors are of paramount importance.

It has been observed that on average, young people are aware of the limited number of careers they have seen within their own family or peer group. For example, exposure to a wide range of careers suitable for skills and interests is urgently needed. It announces the next stage – to determine which profession to follow. This can be a daunting task for most young people. For those who find it difficult to determine the right career for them, a career guide can help eliminate this confusion. There are endless career options available to choose from, and without expert guidance, one may be stuck with a few options that one’s friends or parents want to follow. An informed career guide informs one in detail about the opportunities of each career option, which widens the horizons of students as well as keeps parents up to date. For those who feel they have a clear path to their career and are clear enough to work towards a chosen career option, Career Guide ensures that they achieve their goals without any confusion.

A common question asked by many people is, ‘When is the right time to find a mentor?’ While any time can be a good time to engage with a professional to help accelerate your career progress, mentorship becomes more meaningful when you have your career goals in mind and / or want quick results to pursue career challenges or opportunities. Career goals range from overcoming gaps in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources, gaining clarity about career choices, identifying and applying key strengths, explaining gaps in resumes, pursuing your dream career, or having a good career. Balance

Career guides are mentors who help individuals identify self-discovery, strengths and weaknesses, and provide adequate nudges to achieve the desired skills. In addition, they guide students on their journey to navigate their career paths, as well as advising parents on various options that can lead to a successful future. Not only do students need counseling, they also need parents, because they form the main decision-making authority without whose consent students are unable to make any progress. When parents and schools are confident about their ward choices, the same confidence is turned off on students. Creates self-confidence about career choices, enables you to pursue a career path with confidence, transparency and enthusiasm.

At the end of the day, students, parents and the school have the same goal – to ensure career success for a satisfying future. There is a need for a comprehensive career guidance program that guides students through their core career journey with the help of career counselors and guides under the guidance of parents and the school.

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