There is no staff to work without at least one Covid 19 vaccine Delhi has been personally shot

According to a senior DOE official, the Department of Education has instructed all private schools to guarantee that all teachers and school staff, including transport workers who have not yet been vaccinated, will be vaccinated by October 15.

The Delhi government has instructed all private schools that their teachers and non-teaching staff will not be allowed to go to school unless they receive the first dose of COVID-19 and their absence will be treated as ‘on leave’. Officials

The Department of Education has asked all private schools to ensure that all teachers and school staff, including transport workers who have not yet received their jobs, should be vaccinated by October 15, a senior DOE official said.

“Also, teachers and school staff who have not been vaccinated themselves may not be allowed to attend school and their absence may be considered a holiday,” the official said.

As the country is threatened by an epidemic, all effective measures need to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the official said.

“In view of this, it is imperative that all private schools operating in Delhi ensure immediate vaccination of all their teachers, staff and other support staff,” the official added.

Last week, the DOE instructed all government schools to ensure that immunized teachers and non-teaching staff would not be allowed to go to school.

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on Friday said that all Delhi government employees and teachers who do not have at least one shot of COVID-19 vaccine will not be allowed in their offices and workplaces from October 16. All such non-vaccinated Delhi government employees, including teachers and frontline workers, will be considered on “leave” until they get a job, it said.


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