Understanding the future of management education in the post-Covid world

They should focus on these key areas of innovation, dynamism, creativity, strategic thinking, problem-solving and work to succeed in their respective careers.

As the world continues to recover from the deadly Kovid-19 epidemic, a fundamental change is taking place in business and management education. Currently, management professionals are playing an important role as the world economy moves forward on the path to economic recovery, but it is also tackling some roadblocks.

Lecture on ‘Placement and Employability of Management Student’ at Future of Management Education Conclave. . Sahay, Director, IIM Bodhgaya and Prof. SS Murthy, Director, spoke on recruitment process and employment for people in IPE Management Education.

Prominent speakers also talked about how students should be provided with topics of interest so that they can plan their careers accordingly. The speakers also highlighted how the ecosystem of education has changed in the last two years. The main thing that has changed is the transition to a digital world that leads to more opportunities and easier learning for students.

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