UP Government’s partners with Taghiv Inc. are bringing home education in all schools

Uttar Pradesh government announces partnership with TagHive Inc to bring classmate at-home learning app to 1000 schools across the state

Samsung Venture-Supported Ad-Tech Start-Up TagHive Inc. With the state government of Uttar Pradesh launching its revolutionary at-home learning app – ‘Class Companion’ in 1000 schools across the state, it will be effective immediately. Through this collaboration, more than 2 million students will be onboard the app.

Through this partnership, the At-Home Learning app will cater to more than 2 lakh students for math and science subjects in grades 6-8 in government schools in Uttar Pradesh.

Classmate’s At-Home Learning App is an AI-powered learning solution that includes NCERT-based teaching and learning content for math and science subjects for grades 6-10. The app uses AI technology to regularly monitor and report student performance, allowing teachers to take immediate evidence-based remedial action. The app’s special features such as’ homework ‘and’ live quiz ‘provide teachers with important tools to keep track of and monitor students’ progress from the comfort of their home.

Students also benefit from classmates’ endless practice quizzes that track their learning levels and make recommendations for improvement. The app also provides students with learning resources such as video interpreters and concept revision cards so that they can become truly independent students. Students who use the app for regular revision and practice score better and learn faster.

UP education system stakeholders will also have access to a real-time dashboard that publishes performance reports at both micro and macro levels. It allows all principals, teachers and parents to see the bird’s eye view of their student’s performance in class on a daily basis.

Through this successful collaboration, TagHive is now ready to bring classmates to all states across the country.

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