Upgrades top list of most visible adtech companies in India report

Wizikey’s latest report based on News Score brings you the top EdTech company in India in January 2022.

The recent announcement by the Union Finance Minister about the online education and skills program has given further impetus to the EdTech industry. With the advent of the Covid-19, countless players have emerged, and competition is intensifying day by day. Wizikey’s latest report brings to you the most visible and featured EdTech companies of January 2022 in India.

Upgrades are number one on the list. The brand has caught everyone’s attention with the acquisition of training firm Work Better and its collaboration with AWS. Further, its career report highlights the fact that the upgrade leaders made the right noise despite achieving a Rs 1 crore plus package.

Second place goes to Unacademi. They were in the limelight for their film on Dhoni which was the trend across the platform. Also, its first type of grievance redressal council caught everyone’s attention.

Vedantu has taken the third position for its partnership. Launching a partnership with Fittr to provide child wellness sessions to launch a benchmarking report for online child protection with Space2Grow.

Fourth place went to BYJU’S. Teachers’ hard love, BYJU’s Young Genius Season 2, and the partnership ad with the Akshay Patra Foundation have all been remembered. In fifth place is the ‘Job Guarantee’ for Simplilearn’s campaign and the results of their survey of Education and Development (L&D) professionals by the end of 2021.

Others on the list are Careers360 (6), Scaler (7), Classplus (8), Teachmint (9), and Toppr (10).

Commenting on the EdTech industry and its growing popularity, Wiziki co-founder and CEO Anshul Sushil said, “Edtech landscapes are exploding into business and innovative models, and flooded with disruptive technology. It’s exciting and interesting to watch; New players are constantly evolving, and having a strong market positioning strategy and storytelling ability for your brand has become much more important than ever. “

Wiziki News Score is the industry’s first integrated metric that measures news visibility. News scores are determined by analyzing the amount of news, the presence of headlines, the reach of publications, and more. Wizikey’s AI and ML technology collects media intelligence from over 10 million news articles across 5000+ standalone publications.

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