UPSC Preliminary Exam 2021 Analysis

Sajal Singh, Founder, CivilDaily, a government-exam mentoring platform analyzes the UPSC exam held on October 10, 2021.

UPSC Preliminary Examination 2021 was held on 10th October 2021 Experts provide insights into the paper More details will be needed for the specific details, but here is a first look at Sajal Singh, the founder of CivilDaily,

Level of difficulty: Same as last year. There was a predominance of actual questions, which could cause the cutoff to be a bit higher than last year.

The most interesting information: 3 questions from sports have been asked for the first time in the last 20 years.

Style Quiz:

  • Direct questions from Polytech NCERT (Class 11th and 12th. For example: Constitutional Government, Constitutional Status of India in 1950, Devi Lal, Necessary features that indicate the federal character of India.
  • 9 questions have been asked as a focus area on medieval history.
  • Environmental questions are leaning towards traditional knowledge. There is more focus on the initial understanding of the phylum, the symbiotic relationship, and so on. And the tendency to focus more on big organizations like UNEP, UNFCCC, etc. was the same … so a basic knowledge would be helpful.
  • Science and technology questions seem to be inspired by current issues, however, it examines the basic understanding of questions such as viruses, bacteria, recombinant vector vaccines, etc. Candidates are expected to be aware of not only current events but also their backgrounds Be able to solve such questions.


The number of seats has decreased this year. Last year it was 796. This year it is 712. Therefore, the number of eligible candidates for the main examination will be reduced this year. That means a bit more cut-off this year (95). In this context, the level of strength was the same this year as compared to last year.

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