Using the power of technology to support learning

As education continues to evolve, the use of technology is an important factor for success and growth, both inside and outside the classroom. Lenovo has over 30 years of experience in classroom management and LanSchool Air is an indicator of the brand’s continued innovation. The product is an effective complement to one-to-one teaching and student-led learning in an integrated classroom.

LanSchool and LanSchool Air allow teachers to conduct multiple classroom activities within a single central platform. Available for use in single classrooms and entire school districts, the software eliminates digital confusion, keeps students focused, and enhances real-time collaboration in the classroom to improve student success. Instead of managing classroom devices, teachers can spend more quality time teaching students.

LanSchool Air is the first cloud-based version of the popular LanSchool classroom management software. Lanschool Air as a software-as-a-service designed specifically for Google Classroom 7 to reduce hardware, security and maintenance costs; And reduce installation time for IT personnel. It always ensures the latest features and functionality in schools.

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