Vedantu has launched WAVE 2 0

This immersive live platform redefines and seeks to set new standards for online classes

Vedantu, an edtech of live online learning, today launched WAVE 2.0, the world’s most interactive and engaging classroom at their event – Vtopia. Patent technology will redefine learning experience and performance recognition to a whole new level. Version 2.0 of the WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment) learning platform will inspire every child and make quality education accessible and make a huge impact in India.

Today, WAVE has filed 5 patents, and 1 patent has already been granted in the United States. WAVE 2.0 encapsulates 67 live interactive features that enable students to unlock their true potential by enhancing student interaction and improving learning outcomes. Highlights of the new version include:

  1. A portal-digital notebook that allows students to write and display ideas for understanding. Teachers can evaluate and assist students 1: 1 and the notebook can also be shared in the live classroom.
  2. 3D ++ model for breaking down complexity – it makes it easier to understand complex diagrammatic concepts. Students can enter the 3D world, zoom in to see minute details, and rotate the 3D model.
  3. Multi-teacher model – facilitates smooth operation of large classrooms through batches without compromising the quality of interaction. Master teachers can concentrate on teaching while a second teacher, known as a class teacher, can simultaneously resolve students’ doubts in real time. It allows us to mentor and guide each individual student, regardless of the strength of the class, making sure they understand the ideas inside-out.
  4. Milestones, report cards, and leaderboards – these encourage students to perform better. Teachers can trigger a report card during class-specific milestone events so that students understand their quiz effort statistics. ‘Leaderboard’ is an A-game feature that places students in a top 15 list based on the points they participate in an activity and get the correct answer.
  5. They, badges and drums instantly – instant gratification boosts students’ morale. This feature drives it with star and drum drops to create a fun experience, reward classroom performance and behavior, and celebrate birthdays with animation and sound effects.
  6. AR Filters – To make learning entertaining and educational, teachers can use filters when teaching younger grades for undivided attention.
  7. Appreciation on stage – With inspiration and admiration at the center, ‘on stage’ teachers let teachers do what they ideally do in a physical classroom when they bring students to the front of the blackboard and reward them.
  8. Tags, drag, drop – Touch-based interaction between a teacher and student is facilitated by tags and drag / drop features. Objects that match the whiteboard can be moved and matched, and actual images can be clicked to select answers.
  9. Instant Doubt Resolution – The biggest difference between a recorded video and a live real-time class is a student’s ability to interact and ask questions. WAVE 2.0 enables’ instant doubt resolution ‘with multiple teacher assistants (TAs) in a live class to assist the head teacher in resolving students’ doubts. Their teamwork works like a dream!
  10. Students have access to the best quality teachers from across the country and can explore high-quality personalized content for their learning progress through real-time after-class detailed insights, including feedback on their engagement in each class. For large group classes, the platform can accommodate more than 2K students and for webinars more than 10K students.

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