Vice Chancellor’s decision to open DU campus after Diwali

Amid mounting pressure to reopen the campus, Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh on Tuesday said the decision would be taken after Diwali due to the risk of recurrence of the COVID-19 case.

Amid growing demand for reopening the campus, Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh on Tuesday said the decision would be taken after Diwali as there was a risk of recurrence of the COVID-19 case. Singh further said that in a recent meeting of teachers and principals, he suggested extending college hours by a few hours to accommodate the extra number of students admitted and to avoid overcrowding.

Members of the left-affiliated All India Students Association (AISA) and other student organizations are on hunger strike to demand reopening of the campus for students. The University of Delhi resumed laboratory classes for undergraduate and postgraduate students from September 16 but attendance was low.

“We will take a decision after Diwali. Kovid is likely to repeat itself. We will think if the situation is right,” Singh told PTI. The vice-chancellor added that there are plans to extend college hours by a few hours. He made this suggestion at a recent meeting of principals and teachers.

Delhi University already has some evening colleges. “We can extend the hours of existing colleges by a few hours, which may add more departments. This may help to accommodate the extra seats created and the EWS seats. It will be better than opening new colleges.”

“At Delhi Technological University (where Singh was previously VC), we had time from 8am to 6pm, which was helpful. If this is done, the staff will be stunned and the teachers who have taken classes will be late in the last half of the day. Colleges It was a suggestion if you want to do it, “he added.

Singh said the move would lead to flexibility and avoid extra crowds during epidemics when administrative staff hours would be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. In a related development, members of AISA and other student organizations have continued their hunger strike for the second day in a row demanding the reopening of the campus.

On the second day of the strike, students chanted slogans against the pro-corporate approach of educational institutions, a statement said. “An all-out attack on corporatisation must take place and students, peasants and workers must continue to lead the way,” said Jasbir Nat, a leader of the peasant movement at Tikri Border for the students. Professor Nandita Narain, former president of the DU Teachers’ Association, spoke of the disadvantages of online education.

“Our students, the thinking minds of our country, are being transformed into cheap labor by the corporates. This conspiracy of the government must be resisted,” he said. The students have decided to continue the hunger strike and will gather at the Faculty of Arts. Earlier, they decided to go on a 48-hour hunger strike but on Tuesday they decided to continue it until they received assurances from the administration about reopening the campus.


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