Victory pays 10 lakhs to the 17th winners

India’s Student-Drived Start-Up Accelerator Conquest Provides 1 Million Equity-Less Cash to Winners of 17th Edition

BITSians has successfully hosted the 17th edition of Vijay, India’s student-driven start-up accelerator. Supported by Canara Bank VC and Icertis, the 6-week accelerator program ended on August 1, a high-impact demo day. The event provides promising start-ups with funding opportunities for incubation possibilities, networking with industry leaders and navigating a highly competitive and challenging start-up environment.

This year, it is pertinent to note that 30 companies out of a total of 1,000 registrants were selected to participate in one mentorship session after another for a week, to meet design, UI / UX, product management, augmentation, operations, sales industry professionals. , And marketing. At the same time, a competitive pitching session was organized for the top 15 start-ups to help them develop their pitching skills. Representatives of India’s top VCs, including Arali Ventures, Antler and Stellaris Venture Partners, attended the session and shared their deep knowledge and extensive experience with the entrepreneurs. They asked tough and relevant questions to prepare start-up owners for the real-world business challenge.

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