Vidyamandir class is starting CUCET preparation

Entrance exams, such as CUCET, will not only provide equal opportunities for all students but will also provide an opportunity for universities to assess students’ skill levels.

With the inclusion of DU and JNU in CUCET, admission to most of the central universities through a general entrance test seems to be a real issue. A uniform entry for all universities would end the growing cut-off (e.g. DU) and increase the chances of regional language applicants, as it would be conducted in at least 13 prescribed languages. The goal of a typical undergraduate entrance exam is to shift the focus away from root learning and increase students’ ability to think critically.

CUCET will also provide a single-window platform for admissions, making the process more efficient and student-friendly by eliminating various college entrance exams with varying degrees of difficulty. Candidates will save time, labor and money without having to pay several entrance exam fees.

The Vidyamandir Class (VMC), a pioneer in JEE, NEET and OLYMPIADS preparation for more than three decades, has proved that they are a force to be reckoned with, a synonym for engineering and medical entry in the country. Create dreams for future engineers and doctors.

Vidyamandir Class (VMC) has helped hundreds of students achieve their goal of enrolling in the country’s most prestigious medical and engineering colleges / universities.

To walk the same path of brightening their students in the future and bring them to the institution of their dreams across the country, VMC is proud to announce that they will now prepare their students for CUCET as well.

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