Vidyamandir class prepares for CUET

With DU and JNU being confirmed as part of the CU-ET, admission to most central universities through a simple entrance exam now seems realistic.

Following the detailed announcement of CU-ET 2022-23 by the NTA, the top industry players have already stepped up their preparations. Although Vidyamandir is a pioneer in the coaching industry for classes, JEE and NEET coaching, it has already started preparatory sessions for admission in top central universities.

An entrance for all universities will break the ever-increasing cut-offs (such as DU) and may also improve the prospects of regional language candidates, as it is expected to operate in at least 13 prescribed languages. The idea of ​​taking a general entrance exam at the undergraduate level is to focus more on developing students’ ability to think critically rather than on rote learning.

“CU-ET will also provide a single-window platform, making admissions easier and more student-friendly, eliminating entrance exams at different difficulty levels at different universities. This will save candidates time, effort and money in paying multiple entrance exam fees. A common entrance for all universities seems to be a welcome step. It transforms the conventional academic paradigm by focusing more on conceptual understanding, critical thinking, comprehensive skills and decision-making ability without straining the syllabus. This reform process provides “significant objectivity” in the admission process and reduces the burden on students, colleges and universities and the education system as a whole by providing applicants with a “fair opportunity” to participate in examinations under a single umbrella at the national level. Said Vidyamandir class chief educator Sourav Kumar.

The Central University Entrance Test (CU-ET), supported under the National Education Policy 2020, is not a new concept. It was conducted in 2010 for the first admission in 7 central universities for 1,500 seats in undergraduate, postgraduate and integrated courses. Academic year 2021-22 Assam University, Karnataka University, Kerala University, Haryana University, 12 Central Universities. To name a few, they were already admitted through CU-ET. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has been tasked with managing the CU-ET, and according to the report, this could be done twice a year from the 2022-23 academic year, like the JEE entrance exam.

The test is probably divided into two sections – the first focuses on the general aptitude of the students and the second may be in the domain of the specific subject for which the student is seeking admission.

Students of different boards will be considered in the same position in all the university entrance exams otherwise no uniformity is followed in different boards in awarding 12th number, so there is always some kind of discrimination on the basis of 12th number and it is not given. Students have equal opportunity to get admission in all reputed colleges.

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