WhiteHat has launched a customized music course for the Jr 18 segment

Virtual Jam Room, curated ‘Social’ to help music enthusiasts give live performances and connect with like-minded people

Whitehat Jr., the leading live one-on-one online learning platform, has announced its entry into the 18+ segment with the launch of a specially curated course to provide immersive learning opportunities for music aspirants of all age groups. The launch follows successful trends in Whitehat Jr. music, offering guitar and piano, and uses a custom-built platform for online learning to inspire kids to learn to play and compose. Aiming at music as a way to add immense pleasure to people throughout the ages, the music course was catalyzed by the overwhelming interest received for the Whitehat Junior Music Course from the upper and outside young students.

Whitehat Jr.’s ‘Perform with Music’ will help the adult section to express themselves through music and connect with fellow music lovers. On one level, a specially-designed curriculum will help students practice contemporary music, on another level, it will provide an opportunity like a virtual ‘jam room’ for music aspirants to practice and jam together. As its name suggests, ‘Perform with Music’ also has a curated event called ‘Social’ where students can give live performances and engage with fellow music enthusiasts.

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