Why kids need to spend time with nature

Although today’s generation is involved in technology, it is important for parents to indulge their children in the outdoor environment.

Our lives are surrounded by technology, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and other gadgets that children use everywhere at home or at school. Most kids like to play online games at home, surf the net, and also find content that is not mature enough to be understood as pornography. Sadly, although most parents complain about their kids spending too much time indoors with technology, they also consider their kids going out as a waste of time where in fact these activities are important for the child’s development.

The children do not want to spend time outside, they have given birth to anxiety and panic and this crisis has been referred to as ‘deficiency disorder of nature’. Children with this disorder have health problems such as behavioral problems, parental fear, obesity and vision problems.

Most people live in an apartment where there is no green area for family living, children can only access the community park and public green area for any outdoor activity. With an ongoing epidemic, families with children are usually confined to their homes and most have no direct access to nature, which affects them physically and psychologically.

It is found that in later life there is a 20% higher risk of anxiety disorder and 40% higher risk of facial mood disorder. Excessive device use also adversely affects the amount and quality of a baby’s sleep. Studies show that spending time with nature makes children happier, more attentive, less anxious and tends to be smarter than children indoors.

Here’s a detailed explanation of why kids should spend time in nature.

Build confidence

Playing indoors lowers confidence because children are not open to outdoor life. Allowing your kids to move freely in nature will put them in a situation where they have to interact with the outside environment. These movements can happen anywhere, in a park, in someone’s backyard or nearby. It allows the child to choose his environment and place of interaction which helps him to be more confident.

Stimulates creativity and imagination

Since outdoor settings help children move freely, they can interact with nature in a variety of ways that allow them to think, branch out and interpret in their own way. It helps them develop their creativity and imagination. It lets kids see the world in their own new perspective. In nature, children think, question and explain, which in turn helps them to develop analytical minds.

Create awareness

As parents, we should happily let our children live with nature. Nature has a lot to teach. For example, when children plant a sapling, they soon realize that if they do not water the plant, it will die. The sense of responsibility to take care of the plant and later to see it grow compels them to think and use it in other ways of life.

Physical health benefits

80 percent of children lack physical activity. Experts say that children should play outside for at least 3 hours every day because exposure to sunlight helps to develop a strong immune system. Nature itself is healing. Just one walk or walk, basically moving your body is enough to fit a baby and be active. Physical activity will not only help them stay fit and strong but will also increase their level of attention as they observe things as they move.

Mental health benefits

When the kids are indoors, there is a certain setting for us to visit. Kids have a direct focus when playing video games that focus on one thing at a time when space is open in a natural environment. Children can think freely and do not put pressure on the brain to look at an object at once. This is called effortless attention which reduces stress and fatigue in children.

Environmental awareness

Communication with nature is an important part of sustainable education in early childhood. Those who are passionate about protecting the environment and conserving our planet must first develop a deep love for it in order to raise future adults. The only way to enable children to be comfortable in nature is to open the door and explore the wonders of their green natural world.

Although today’s generation is involved in technology, it is important for parents to indulge their children in the outdoor environment. Walking, gardening, smelling flowers, going fishing or looking at green leafy vegetables through the window play important role in their overall development.

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