Why you should focus on sports – experts share their advice

Why you should focus on sports – experts share their advice

Performed by Kevin Hogan, School News, Editor-in-Chief

More than $ 1 billion in the sports industry has exploded in the last few years, and colleges have seen the potential in both gaming and career development. For school and district leaders who support student athletes, prepare students for many careers esports have created an eSports arena for their students to use and easily organize – this webinar has everything.

Join us on February 15, Remy Del Mar, Senior Product Manager at K-12 Projector, Epson America, Inc. Already hosting a live Q&A with experts focused on esports:

নিক Nick Swain of James Madison University, Virginia, who is considering new degree options, focusing on sports and how high school students can prepare.

• Ryan Serrano, Fresno State Coach and Jonathan Marin, Fresno State Sports Athlete from California will discuss how to build a successful sports program through hard work and the right technology.

Meet your speakers

Nick Swain
JMU X-Labs াতা Founder of James Madison University

Nick Swain is the founder of James Madison University’s JMU X-Labs, which has been highlighted multiple times in the Higher Education Chronicle and is recognized by the Governor for his innovations in higher education. The lab is used for classes on a variety of subjects, from unmanned systems to homelessness, and also serves as a competition and rehearsal space for the university’s sports club. Swain serves as a faculty advisor to Stanford University Innovation Fellows and co-founder of Stanford Faculty Innovation Fellows. Her doctoral work in post-secondary strategic leadership focuses on multi-disciplinary innovation courses, identifying faculties to teach them, the innovation space needed to support them, and the impact on technology and leader development.

Ryan Serano
Sports Athlete @ Fresno State University, League of Legends Team

Ryan Serrano is the head coach of the Fresno State overwatch team. He has been coaching Overwatch for a total of 5 years and has been coaching in Fresno State for 2 years. Sport is a passion for Ryan and he loves what he does. He hopes that being able to share his experiences and emotions will bring more people to the future of sports as a whole.

Jonathan Marin
Sports Athlete @ Fresno State University

Jonathan Marin is a 22-year-old senior from Fresno State. He is a varsity player on the university sports team and a maths major. He has been playing video games since childhood and believes that video games are much more fun when you have friends and create memories, which he tries to do. He played in the League of Legends and had the opportunity to meet some famous people in the sports industry thanks to some friends.

Remy Del Mar.

Remy Del Mar.
Senior Product Manager @ Epson America Inc.

Remy Del Mar has 10+ years of experience in global product marketing across hardware, software, mobile and the Internet of Things. Remy Leads Epson’s vision of integrating virtual and physical environments through projection and augmented reality technology sectors and works to define new applications. He continues to educate end-users about the endless power of creating immersive experiences and promoting the ability to break down perceptions of what can and cannot happen.

Moderator – Kevin Hogan
School News, Editor-in-Large

Kevin is a pioneer-thinking media executive with over 25 years of experience building brands and audiences online, in print and face to face. He is an acclaimed writer, editor and commentator who has bridged the gap between society and technology, especially education technology.

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