World Teachers’ Day Tree House celebrates teachers for being cowardly warriors

Treehouse congratulates teachers who went out of their way to recruit pre-schoolers during the epidemic

The online learning space Treehouse celebrates World Teachers’ Day on October 5 and congratulates not only educators but also cowardly warriors who have gone out of their way during the epidemic.

These teachers have poured their heart and soul into uplifting young children during the epidemic and turned online classes into fun, uplifting, informative and engaging sessions. They have educated, inspired and encouraged children who cannot personally experience play-school activities.

On the virtual platform, along with educators, they ensure that children’s mental needs and mental health are taken care of through exciting creative activities such as music, dance, mime and games.

Educational modules were introduced in the coming years to prepare children for educators, their cognitive development, language skills and basic understanding of mathematics, science and the world at large.

At the congratulatory ceremony, Treehouse acknowledged that teachers have accepted the challenges posed by the epidemic and shown extraordinary initiative, and have shown exceptional care to keep their students engaged, well-known and happy.

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