Woxsen University collaborates with Monmouth University USA for social impact

Oxen University launches Oxen-Monmouth Elevator Program in partnership with Monmouth University, USA

Initiated by the Student Wellness Cell in collaboration with the Center for International Relations, Oxen University, it will be a six-month program focusing on the many deliverables towards the betterment of disadvantaged school children in Telangana.

The Elevate Program has come into being with a strong vision of becoming a support system for the weaker sections of the society in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The program integrates with the ERS system of leading internationally recognized organizations such as AACSB, EFMD, and AMBA, of which Woxsen University holds prestigious membership.

In another step to contribute to society and help build a better future for children, the Waxen-Monmouth Elevate Program has started its activities with 200+ children in Kamkol, Buddhara, Lingampali, Digwal, Kohir, Melasangam, Ibrahimpur, Sadasivpet and nearby areas. Zahirabad.

The significance of the project can be deduced from these projected results:

  • To provide necessary resources for the exercise of children’s right to quality education
  • Reducing inequality in educational opportunities
  • Provide children with access to a global platform and opportunities
  • Raising awareness about the welfare of children

Various steps are being taken to make a significant impact in the society by improving the living standards of these poor children and ensuring their access to basic education.

Fundraising campaign

The Elevate program began with a fundraising campaign where people donated to provide needy children with access to primary education.

Academic and co-curricular activities

The goal of the Elevate program is to teach educational subjects in addition to their regular school curriculum, such as English language, math and financial literacy.

In addition to academic subjects, emphasis is placed on encouraging students to learn life skills, creating social mobility and building computer foundations to help children get an idea of ​​how things work and can solve problems in an imaginative way.

Emphasis is placed on the importance of wellness as well as co-curricular activities. Activities are conducted to give children creative opportunities to encourage their outside thinking.

Educational and financial assistance

The goal of the Elevate program is to provide educational and financial support to children, including infrastructural support at the recipient school, teaching facilities, transportation facilities, sports materials and recorded class lectures to help students improve their learning, and to assist them in covid. Relief arrangements.

Woxsen University looks forward to being the driving force of positive impact!

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